FLRT 002 Regarding the Barry Fitzpatrick’s Navigator – This month’s story is a work of science fiction. Set several hundred years in our future when mankind is reaching out to the stars. However the same laws of relativity that make wormholes possible also exact a toll on those who would use them. Anyone who ventures out too far is destined to return home like Rip Van Winkle to find everyone older and everything changed.

Promo: Into the Blender
Regarding the Barry Fitzpatrick’s Navigator – Paulette Jaxton
Chris Johnson – James R. Stilipec
Captain Smith – Tee Morris – Morevi Remastered
Dr. Ashman – Christiana Ellis – Christiana’s Shallow Thoughts
Chris’s Mother – Viv Schubert – Into the Blender
Chris’s Father – Chooch Schubert – CoH Podcast
Also appearing:
Martyn Casserly – Movie Mantras
Martha Holloway – Dancing Cat Studios
Paul Fischer – A.D.D. Cast
Marc Bailey – Grailwolf’s Geek Life
Heather Welliver – The Shillas on Amie Street
Jett – The Opinionated Observator
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Bumper: Chris Lester
Promo: Movie Mantras
Fire Night by Black Adam
String Groove by Anthems of a Bygone Era
The First Step by Ghost Of Aries
Dance on the Ceiling by To Touch the Stars
Lounge Pop by AjT
Blackbeans by Francisco Daum
Regression by Green Eyes
The Loon by Aesma Daeva
Coming, Going, Leaving by Karmellas Game
Above songs were provided by the Podsafe Music Network
Some sound effects provided by the Freesound Project

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  1. Hi Paulette,

    I stumbled over to your site today from Murder at Avadon Hill. I really enjoyed this story! I love stories that twist and turn a little and I would have never guessed the ending of this story when I was listening to the beginning. You should consider lengthening either of these first two stories, your first one in particular feels like a chapter from a larger novel. This second story could go either way for me. I got the same pleasure out of reading it that I do the “years best Sci-Fi.” Production values on both were really good as well. Thanks for sharing your stories. I appreciate them even if publishers so far have not.

    Best of luck going forward,
    Dave M. (Alexgone)

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